Thursday, October 4, 2012

BEWARE THE NIGHT out now, and why you should buy it...

My new book, Beware The Night, a dark, coming-of-age novel, is out now at the Amazon Kindle Store. I think it's a pretty good book, has heart, can get quite frightening at times, and, like any piece of good writing, features some of my own personal demons within its pages.

I've been working on it for two years, now, and I am damn proud of the way it's turned out. As any writer  of dark fiction will tell you, coming-of-age horror novels are a dime a dozen, and they aren't easy to pull off; if your goal is produce something original, that is.

But why should you, dear reader, buy this book? After all, it's understandable that I, the author of said book, would promote my own work, endlessly, sing its praises, tell you it's the best book in the whole wide world!

But there is another reason why you should give my book a try. And that is the thrill of discovering a new favorite author.

Allow me to explain.

A few years ago, I was stuck in a rut, emotionally and professionally. The things that turned me on, energized me, made my day, had ceased to have that effect on me. Some call that depression, I call it a down period. Anyway, I discovered that I was bored of all the authors I usually depended upon to give me that indescribable feeling of losing yourself in a good story. And, for a person who lives to read and tell stories, that was a disaster of epic proportions.

So, after moping around for a while, waiting for my muse to come back and bite me in that secret place where stories come from, I decided to do the only thing I could do: go down to the nearest bookstore and buy a book. And since I was living in a hell hole in the middle of North Africa at the time, that wasn't going to be easy. But I somewhat knew my way around that city and decided to give it a try.

I headed to one of the few bookstores that offered used books in that country, went in, went straight to the used books section, and took a dive. That day, strangely enough, that little bookstore that pretended to be more than it really was (which was a place that paid more attention to the coffee it served its poseur clientele than to the selection of books it offered), had in stock quite a bizarre array of used titles. That strange evening I was introduced to authors I'd never heard of before, like Ruby Jean Jensen, whose book Victoria (an effective ghost story and one of her best) was among the collection on offer for a buck and a half; Robert W. Walker, whose thriller Cutting Edge I also found among the pile (and which turned out to be one damn fine book); Stuart Woods, whose book Palindrome was on sale for three bucks; and F. Paul Wilson, whose medical thriller The Select, was on sale for a buck fifty.

In a sense, that day, my life as a writer changed, as I discovered two new favorite authors, Robert W. Walker (a versatile, prolific, and highly underrated writer of thrillers) and F. Paul Wilson, whose books so amazed me with their breezy style, their flavor, that I dedicated my last novel, Phantasms, published earlier this year, to him.

Although I had been a frequent buyer of used books prior to that day, I'd never lucked out and discovered so many good books at once, and, for some reason, I discovered, or rather re-discovered, the thrill of finding a new favorite author, that thrill of delving into the mysterious world of books, diving into that musty pile of used paperbacks and grabbing unknown treasures, some of which changed my life, some of which re-kindled my fire, reminded me why I wanted to be a writer in the first place, why, when I was only seven, I used to sit down in front of the TV and jot down the stories I was seeing on screen, trying to reshape them through the wild imagination of a child.

And that's why you should seriously consider buying my new book, Beware The Night, because by reading it, you just might feel that thrill of discovering a new favorite author. Like I did that day.

Beware The Night is now available for sale at the Amazon Kindle Store.

From the back cover: "A New Kid In Town. A Demented Gang of Bullies. An Ancient Evil. The City of Crofton Is About To Face Its Worst Nightmare…

Adam and his father, the enigmatic Dr. Alfred Novello, arrive at the small city of Crofton, looking for a fresh start after the death of Adam’s mother. But soon, Adam meets a troubled kid named Macs (pronounced Max), who drags Adam into a terrible nightmare of ancient evil.

To make matters worse, Adam and his new friend attract the attention of a vicious gang of bullies who call themselves “The Ghosts”, and who want Adam dead!

With his father wallowing in his own grief, Adam and Macs have no one to turn to for help against the evil they are about to face, an evil that has been waiting for centuries to tear Crofton apart…

From the acclaimed author of “Coffin X” and “Phantasms”, comes this dark and thrilling coming-of-age novel. A must-read for fans of Stephen King’s It, Peter Straub’s Shadowland, Robert McCammon’s A Boy’s Life, and the cult classic The Monster Squad.

This is the third book in "The Crofton Cycle", a series of loosely connected books which feature recurring characters and themes.

A. Kale is the author of six books, including the acclaimed collection TOWARD THE 20TH GHOST, and PHANTASMS: A NOVEL.

Praise for A. Kale:

"If you're a fan of the paranormal, you'll want to give this one a look..." - Filmfanaddict!

"Genuinely haunting..." - Bloodtype Online  

"The stories are compelling..." - Rogue Cinema"

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