Saturday, October 22, 2011

Synopsis for COFFIN X, my new novel, coming this Halloween

Here it is, the synopsis for COFFIN X, my new novel, which will be out for sale on Amazon (US, UK, FRANCE, GERMANY) this Halloween:

"Death is a Man in Black, and he has gone insane. Now, only one man, an amnesiac who wakes up to find his wife dead beside him, a man who calls himself X, can stop him. Now, X, along with a band of heroes hunting The Man in Black, have to embark on a terrifying journey through the dark streets of the cursed town of Croton, through a haunted house filled with secrets, to find the only thing that can stop Death: an ancient weapon that has the power to reverse time. But will they make it?

Coffin X is a terrifying novel of dark fantasy and horror, with a large cast of memorable characters, an unforgettable atmosphere, a multi-layered plot and a shocking ending that will leave you breathless and haunt your dreams."

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