Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Round-Up#21

Book Review: Blood Work by Michael Connelly: Better known for the Harry Bosch series of crime novels, Michael Connelly delivers another stand-alone thriller that is nothing short of a knock-out. Revolving around Terry McCaleb, a former FBI profiler (who retires after suffering from a heart attack and having a heart transplant), and his quest to catch the killer of his heart donor (a young single-mother), this is a thriller that works on many levels: as a straightforward thriller, as a touching character study, as a stylish piece of livre-noir, and as a grand piece of entertainment.
Connelly's deep knowledge of police procedure and jargon enrich this thriller, and his masterful ability to create realistic characters is in full force here. And just when you think you got this twisty story figured out, Connelly shows you that he is two steps ahead, always, revealing one plot-twist after another, each one more emotionally devastating than its predecessor. A must for fans of intelligent, meticulously plotted thrillers.

P.S. This novel has also been made into the feature film (Blood Work) directed by and starring Clint Eastwood.

Extra! Batman: Inferno by Alex Irvine: This little-know novel - set in the Batman universe established by Christopher Nolan and co. in Batman Begins - is a gem. The complex plot, revolving around a new foe called Enfer, who's out to burn Gotham city to the ground, and The Joker's plan to destroy Batman's reputation by donning the caped-crusader's costume and impersonating him, is delightfully inventive and thrilling. But it is Irvine's energetic writing and his ability to get inside the characters' minds, that make this novel stand out among many of its kind. An undiscovered treasure for fans of The Dark Knight.

That's it for me. Till next time, keep browsing those shelves.

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