Thursday, February 5, 2009

Zelazny: Lord of Light

I don't read much science-fiction. Not because I don't like it, because I like it less than say mysteries, dark fantasy and psychological fiction. But there is science-fiction and then there is Roger Zelazny.

I had heard of him before (after all he won the Nebula and the Hugo more than once and is considered a master) but never got the chance to read any of his work. Then a copy of LORD OF LIGHT fell into my hands.

All I can say is: Zelazny is one hell of a storyteller. Combining Sci-Fi, fantasy, the occult, military and about a dozen other genres (as well as inventing a few along the way!), LORD OF LIGHT is like nothing I have read before. It's like reading ten books at the same time and it is a novel that is under 300 pages in length. Now that's a writer.

No wonder he is considered a master. You can feel his influence on everyone from Eric S. Nylund, to Clive Barker, to Terry Brooks as well as on numerous TV writers.

One thing left to say: If you haven't read Zelazny, you haven't read Sci-fi.

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