Thursday, February 5, 2009

Zelazny: Lord of Light

I don't read much science-fiction. Not because I don't like it, because I like it less than say mysteries, dark fantasy and psychological fiction. But there is science-fiction and then there is Roger Zelazny.

I had heard of him before (after all he won the Nebula and the Hugo more than once and is considered a master) but never got the chance to read any of his work. Then a copy of LORD OF LIGHT fell into my hands.

All I can say is: Zelazny is one hell of a storyteller. Combining Sci-Fi, fantasy, the occult, military and about a dozen other genres (as well as inventing a few along the way!), LORD OF LIGHT is like nothing I have read before. It's like reading ten books at the same time and it is a novel that is under 300 pages in length. Now that's a writer.

No wonder he is considered a master. You can feel his influence on everyone from Eric S. Nylund, to Clive Barker, to Terry Brooks as well as on numerous TV writers.

One thing left to say: If you haven't read Zelazny, you haven't read Sci-fi.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Interview with a legend!

Hi there. I wanted to start off this blog with something interesting, with a sort of a bang, so I chose my interview with legendary filmmaker Nicolas Roeg, the man who in the 70's single-handedly changed the way films are made. With such innovative and surreal masterpieces as THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH, WALKABOUT and - my personal favorite - DON'T LOOK NOW, he is one of the most renowned British filmmakers and one of the most influential.

I had a chance to interview him in 2008 and speak with him about his latest film PUFFBALL.

You can find the interview here. Enjoy!

Monday, February 2, 2009

My new Blog!

Hi there and welcome to my new blog.

As a self-confessed graphomaniac (look it up will ya!) I decided that having one blog (at my official website WINGRAVE-FILM.COM) wasn't enough. So here I am scribbling away at this fine, new blog.

Here you will find reviews, columns and lots of other interesting things. So let the suspense end and start browsing my archive. Enjoy.